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News this week on the Pi World

Pi Vs the World

Raspberry Pi Vs The World!

I see myself in the position to choose to combine news about all kinds of "PI" boards or just the Raspberry Pi. I love the Pi, but also loved my iPhone 4 and ended up buying the iPhone 6, so while my ODROID comes home, I'll put here weekly summary of the most relevant news about all of them (with high preference on the Raspberry Pi, of course). Let's begin!

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SD Images to play Game Boy Color, Atari or MSX in a few seconds on Raspberry Pi


Occasionally Internet surprises us unintentionally. A French user with the nick Dr Floyd has created a SD customized for a single emulator images. You wont have to wait long, usually begin in seconds...

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News this week on the Pi World


This week I put my eyes on the new ODROID plate that is becoming quite famous because of its affordable price and high performance. While I wait for the first tests, just released another Banana Pi to the market and a new issue of the MagPi...

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Reflections about ODROID-C1: Another Raspberry Pi Killer?

Odroid C1

I don't comment usually anything regarding Raspberry PI direct competitors, but this has especially caught my attention due their price: $35. Want to know why I bought one?...

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SSH connections,... and forget about passwords!

SSH hodor

If you don't understand it, this blog is not for you

This guide is essential to our daily with SSH connections, but sometimes we become lazy (I'm the first).

I explain VERY EASILY how to generate keys you need so you don't have to write the damn password in each SSH connection.

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News this week on the Pi World

Pi portable

This is not the last tablet from Microsoft

Howdie! Desiring this weekend dedicate some time to finish some tutorials that I have at hand. Today we will look especially some projects to the Raspberry Pi and a distro to broadcast via streaming audio/video from your Android to the PI.

Let's go!

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