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PopcornTime on a RaspberryPi with PiTV!


PiTV streams movies and TV shows from torrents like PopcornTime do...

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Install Latest Transmission on Raspberry Pi


Great tutorial I want to show you today to install the latest version of the best torrent client for the Pi: Transmission.

Link: htpcguides.com

News this week on the Pi World

Eben Upton

You are so Cool, Eben!

Week something disconnected from the Pi World but I'm not going to leave you without weekly news. On the other hand, I'm writing several articles and you will have them available when it's ready...

While, Let's go to the News!...

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Download & watch Youtube videos from Terminal with mps-Youtube

mps 01

Every time I change from one OS to another, I feel the same: I must find an app to download any funny videos my daughter watched on Youtube and never have one that fits my needs completely. I never thought in a Python script to do this task. Their name: mps-youtube

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News this week on the Pi World

time machine

As you know (or not), yesterday Apple released the new OSX Yosemite operating system for Mac computers. Now I want to format my HD, cross my fingers and install it from scratch which is what I like. What does the Raspberry Pi in this?. Well, for the first time I'm going to use it as a Time Machine to back up my system. Do you want to know how I achieved it?

This and much more in weekly News!

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New Banana Pro from Lemaker


Banana Pro

As we know, Raspberry Pi is not the only development board based on the principles of promoting science, technology, arts and math (STEAM). Plate that more direct competition makes to the Pi is Banana Pi, with best hardware, and now has been renovated with new and exciting features...

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