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News this week on the Pi World


Banana split Pi

This week has contacted with me Lemaker, the company who make the Banana Pi which we talk at the time, to offer one of their plates. So you will see content about it on this blog soon.

Anyway, we'll see some news this week have been posted on the Net about the Pi...

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DietPi: Light distro for the summer


I think Dan Knight has struggled to their distro lose weight more than me lose 11 kg. before summer.

DietPi is essentially a Debian image optimized for the Pi. It comes in two versions: Server or torrent + download FTP...

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Adafruit present HAT-A-DAY


HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) is a new module for the Raspberry Pi B + who add functionality to it and is mounted on top like a Arduino Shield.

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News this week on the Pi World


There's no place like

This month I will give the opportunity to provide attendees from the BetaBeers with a talk about the Pi, so I thought I'd do something practical instead of spending a boring powerpoint and amuse and impress the staff.

You can see the announcement here

We draw between the audience a Raspberry Pi B Starter Kit with accessories, thanks as always to raspipc.es.

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Amiga UAE4ALL 0.3 rc4 emulator for Raspberry Pi

Amiga 500

Amiga 500

User Chips bring to us a new version of the Amiga emulator. Details below ...

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Build your own OS to Raspberry Pi


Image taken from blaess.fr

Today it is easy to create one distro for your desktop or for embedded systems. In the case of Linux we have plenty of tools to create an operating system according to our needs andto Raspberry Pi we can build one using delog.wordpress.com... Don't you believe it?

This article is a translation into Spanish from the blog delog.wordpress.com